AgpulseCoffeeKit: Agpulse introduces Crop Specific Organic package which is micro and Macro “Nutrient Enriched”Bio-organic fertilizer for coffee.


1. Pack of Organic Fertilizer and Herbal extracts for sapling Treatment. (0.5 Lt x 2)
This pack should be mixed with sufficient water and the seeds dipped in the solution for a period of one hour. Shade dry and broadcast over the nursery bed.

2. Pack of Organic Granules with Seaweed extract, Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteriaetcfor Field Preparation. (10 Kgs x 2)
– Nursery Preparation: This package should be applied directly to teh nursery bed by mixing with 100 kgs of FYM/compost before seed application.
– Field Preparation: To be applied to the field after mixing with around 200-400 kgs of FYM/compost before transplantation.

3. Pack of Biofertilizer cultures. (1 Kg x2)
Tobe applied during tilling and land preparation

4. Pack of Biocontrol Agents (1 Kg x 2)
Two applications as preventive measure once after 45 days of transplantation and once after 90 days

5. Pack of Selected Herbal ingredients to control Pests and Diseases. (500 ml x 3)
To be applied during any incidence of pest or disease.

6. Pack of crop specific micronutrient enriched Liquid fertilizer for Crop enhancement. (2 Liters x 2)
Three foliar sprays timed at 30, 60 and 90 days of crop. Last application at the advent of flowering

7. Pack of Plant growth and Yield enhancers derived from Plants. (1 Lit x 1)
During flowering stage and 7-10 days after the emergence of flowers.

Total Weight of Package is 31.5Kgs.


  • Improves plant growth and yields.
  • Improves the immunity of the plants.
  • Increases size of fruit and bean.
  • Improves taste and nutrient profile of food.
  • Improves flavour profile of coffee bean.
  • Improves soil fertility, soil VAM, earthworm activity, humification, water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Improves the pest resistance of plants.
  • Reduces production cost.
  • Remediates soil and reduces the burden on environment.

Packaging: PP Drum.
Area: One Acre.
Shelf Life: 1 Year from Date of Mfg.
Storage: Cool dark place away from moisture, heat and rodents.

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