About Us

Agpulse Organics, since its inception has been recognized for its quality Herbal Agricultural Inputs, used widely across all stages of crop production to increase the crop production, control pests, improve soil health and create favorable conditions for healthier plant growth . The Delhi (India) based Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter offers a variety of safe and effective Herbal Insecticides, Pesticides and Organic Fertilizers; all represent the latest innovations, a step towards Evergreen Revolution. We as a company deal in the product which are organic in nature and organic/natural farming.
We believe that organic is way forward for the world and it can bring positive change to mankind. Our company, with an aim to rejuvenate mother earth with natural products has redefined crop protection and growth technology by means of Ayurveda which protects and cure the disease of agriculture and animal husbandry by the use of natural herbs and minerals.

We present new concept of organic herbal agricultural inputs for cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, flowers, plantation, fodder, spices, lawn turf, garden, pots and all other crops in agriculture. It is widely known that the residual effects of synthetic chemical pesticides are harmful for human being, therefore switching to natural inputs is good for soil, plants and human population. In this effort, we have lined up eco-friendly products for leading a Green Life Style ensuring respect for Mother Earth. We present you with Herbal Insecticides – Rodhak, Krimidote, Bugdote, Termidote, Agniastra; Herbal Pesticides – Fungidote and Viridote; Growth Promoters – Vridhak, Liquid Earthworm fertilizer, Panchagavya and Organic Manures – Vermicompost, Microbial Compost, City Compost etc.

We have developed a long-term and close-knit business relationship user of our products. We ensure that the product is met with highest standards. In addition, as a part to establish our presence across India, we have invested in state-of-art facilities in Delhi and Gujarat to provide products at competitive pricing so that farmers could maximize their farm produce qualitatively and quantitatively.

Product Range

  • Herbal Insecticides (Rodhak, Krimidote, Bugdote, Termidote and Agniastra)
  • Herbal Pesticides (Fungidote and Viridote)
  • Organic Growth Promoter ( Vridhak – Herbal, VermiMiracle and Panchagavya)
  • Organic Manure (Vermicompost, Organic Compost and City Compost)

Benefits of Products

  • Natural, Environment Friendly
  • 100% effective, competitive pricing
  • Improve soil health and increase quality crop yield
  • Safe for people to use
  • Safe for pets, livestock & animals