Infrastructure and Facilities

Agpulse Organics is a fully-integrated technically driven company that is responsible for every stage of its operation like the quality procurement of raw material, technology development and engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance to market development, sales and technical customer support. We have assembled a strong, highly motivated and recognized team that are all uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of competition in a global and local market.

Company has set up state of the art infrastructural unit backed by required technology, tools and machineries to assist in the production of the products. Agpulse Organics is a leading herbal and organic agricultural inputs, with its success firmly rooted in the high calibre of its dedicated technical staff and in key collaborations with important technical partners. The research and development it has produced continues to be applied to product improvement and new product development.

Meeting the needs of our customers is the mandate of our product packaging and our rigorous quality programs ensure these needs are consistently met. This is what sets our company apart and what allows us to provide world class products and technical product support to our global markets. The products are hygienically packed, assuring zero contamination.

Quality Control facilities are well equipped with modern equipment and the product manufacturing process follows NPOP approved input guidelines. Our Quality teams possess a wealth of education, experience and expertise, and are thus well equipped to provide the leadership and guidance required to assure our products meet customer expectations. Our teams include biology, chemistry, and aquaculture specialists, all highly skilled and dedicated to excellence. Our products are certified organicsfrom National Organic Certification Agency (NOCA) under NPOP program. For more details click here