Gavahnika – Bioksheera is a herbal feed supplement for cattle which helps to increase milk production, Enhance quality of Milk and improving health of animal naturally. It involves a new concept of extraction of active energy molecules from Indian Medicinal herbs blended with organic minerals, calcium and vitamins, and presented as natural feed supplement given to cattle along with the feed everyday to increase the Quantity and Quality of Milk. The herbal wealth of India and the knowledge of their medicinal properties of herbs in Ayurveda is a gift to human kind.

Why Gavahnika Bioksheera?

  • 100% Herbal cattle feed supplement. Absolutely safe with no side effects.
  • Usage of Gavahnika – Bioksheera helps lactating animals to produce more quantity of milk & SNF, FAT resulting in enhanced Quality & Quantity.
  • Quick results within 15 days of usage of Gavahnika Bio ksheera.
  • Assured Increase in Milk Quantity by 1 to 2 liters & improvement in Milk Fat & SNF.

Other Benefits

  • Improves Digestion.
  • Effective metabolism of fodder and feed consumed by animal ensuring that there is no wastage of fodder & feed.
  • Overall health, Energy level and well beings of animal is significantly improved.
  • Stimulates Animal immunity level.
  • Heat Stress of animal greatly reduced and controlled.
  • It naturally induces expulsion of adult Round worms from the animal gut flora without causing stress and without any drop in animal milk production.

Dosage in Lactating Animal:

  • Per Animal “UPTO 500KGS” Live Body Weight use “30 gms GAVAHNIKA BIOKSHEERA”
  • For “ABOVE 500 KGS” use 60 gms GAVAHNIKA BIOKSHEERA.
  • To be used for 12-15 days for product to take effect.

Packing: 1 Kg standalone packs. Other packing like 25 kg and 50 Kg Card board drums available on specific request.